Written by a human without the assistance of artificial intelligence; a struggle with the page and a battle with words to convey feeling and connection.


Growing grapes and making wine are simple tasks compared to naming a place.

Particularly if that place is as significant as our vineyard in the heart of Blewitt Springs.
Ancient geology and old vines aside, we are the custodians of nine hectares will set a benchmark site for McLaren Vale Grenache. It’s a bold claim but we are excited by what we have seen; we need a name as meaningful as the wines made.

Those close to me know that Fiona has always been my greatest supporter and ally.

She encouraged me to follow my instincts and leave Hardy’s to make wine in Italy, and start our own labels. We stood side by side when launching S.C.Pannell, never meant to be more than a few cases of wine. And she has sung my praises to all that will listen, and backed me up when few believed that we must change the varieties we grow to survive a changing climate, despite the cost.

Very few, however, realise the level of support and care afforded me by Fiona’s family. We may never have purchased Koomilya if not for the connection between the previous owners, Don and Jill Cant, and Fiona’s parents Malcolm and Antoinette Lindquist, who's belief in our dreams has been unwavering.

 It's fitting then to honour the people that have been there for me. Lindquist is a Swedish name and translates to ‘Linden twig’. With a fragment of creative licence we have taken the translation and named our Blewitt Springs Grenache vineyard ‘Little Branch’. The first release is included in your April Cru Club, and as always, you are the first to see it. I hope you enjoy the wine and encourage you to enjoy alongside the 2022 Smart Grenache and 2022 Old McDonald Grenache.

Our Grenache has a home.


2022 S.C.Pannell Little Branch Grenache

The first single vineyard release from the Little Branch vineyard that has already received high praise from Ned Goodwin MW writing for James Suckling:

“This is an impactful grenache made by somebody who prizes Italian wines. The tannins are an immense force field, with kirsch, strawberries and dried Mediterranean herbs, and a note of almond husk that gives noble bitterness. The density, poise and grace are thoroughly impressive. This is a structured grenache built for the cellar.”

Our notes suggest: Spice from the start: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cassia then spun sugar, toffee apple and red fruits, now rose oil, leaf litter, cedar and red brick; aromas that sway and swirl. Bright red fruits dominate the palate before a zephyr of spice, and a finish laced with musk. Suave, sophisticated and intellectual, turning it on before stealing your wallet, and yet, a yearning for more. Stealthy tannin hidden by complex flavours. The texture has a pink hue and slips past the front palate with barely a ripple before building quickly to the back and travelling on. Flavours and textures that stay with you long past the first sip.

Fiona and the Pannell Enoteca team

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