The Allure of Grenache

Stephen’s love affair with Grenache began in the mid 90s when he first arrived in McLaren Vale.  A fondness developed for making medium bodied wines from the warm, Mediterranean climate of ‘the Vale’ and this lead Stephen to work with Grenache. Twenty years on and Stephen is still producing outstanding single site Grenache and Grenache blends


2020 BASSO GARNACHA – The idea for an early-release, low-sulphur, unfiltered Grenache had been bubbling away for a few years and in 2017 access to the right fruit from a dry-grown vineyard, sparked the Basso project into life

2020 OLD MCDONALD GRENACHE – Another stellar release of a single site Grenache made from 78 yr old vines from the Old McDonald Vineyard in Blewitt Springs

2020 SMART CLARENDON GRENACHE – Our fourth release of this single site Grenache made from 65 yr old vines from the Smart Vineyard situated on the outskirts of Clarendon

This mixed six pack contains two bottles of each of these 2020 releases.

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The Allure of Grenache