2021 Arido Rosé

Stephen Says

“There is nothing better than pairing a cool, crisp rosé with some freshly caught barbequed squid or garfish. That, simply, is the influence behind this wine, why I make it and why I find it so exciting to drink.”


Highly perfumed with aromas of sherbert, pink grapefruit zest, strawberry, jasmine and galangal.

Listen To

Kiss by Prince on Parade
—Music from the motion picture Under the Cherry Moon
Now, Now, Now, don’t wait drink it!
Soft and generous with steely edges and a rapier finish.
The palate is awash with blood orange and finishes with amaro.
Goes with
Kebabeh Sikhi from Parwana: Recipes and stories from and Afghan Kitchen.

2021 Arido Rosé