2020 Montepulciano

Stephen Says

“Italian giggle juice! This is definitely a happy wine, and a variety Stephen has great hope for in our warm climate.”


On opening the tasting room filled with aromas of mulberry and ice-cream, what a treat! Cranberry soon gave a loud shout, then dirt roads, blue metal, and charcuterie. This is not a shy wine, like a brightly coloured, friendly, street hawker with a clove cigarette on an Indonesian island. No wonder it makes us laugh when we open it.

Listen To

— Anything De La Soul!
Serve with
Thin crust Pizza with Sopressa and a drizzle of honey eaten with fingers only
Medium bodied with tannins that scaffold the fruit and then letting go on the back palate leaving nothing but bright sun-ripened fruit
Liquorice rules the structure – firm through the middle with soft fleshy edges.
Perfect for immediate drinking, it will cellar for 5 to 7 years.

2020 Montepulciano