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Nero Diavola



Officialy known as Calabrese in Italy with ‘Nero d’Avola’ a modern evolution of Sicily’s most famous vinous export. An early flowering, traditionally late-ripening variety that tolerates heat without dropping acidity.

We may be getting ahead of ourselves but to ensure our friends in Sicily don’t prevent us from using the more common Nero d’Avola we have named our version for the devil in the tannins: Diavola!

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"A wine that was just meant to be"

4 / 5
Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Dried Herbs and Terra-Cotta
Medium to Full
Deceptive yet charming.
It's still a devil! Seductive and suede like tannins that sweep you of your feet.
Goes with: 
Slow cooked pork shoulder with berries. Autumn fare!
7+ but delicious now.
Listen to: 
Devil's Haircut by Beck on Odelay


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