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Gumeracha Barbera

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Barbera’s origins are long forgotten and though it is  famously grown in the same Italian region as Nebbiolo, all be it on inferior slopes,  Barbera has adapted to the dry Australian climate far better than its regal cousin. A tremendously versatile wine with food.


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Naturally less tannic than Nebbiolo but high tone and deep colour makes it a similarly cellar-worthy wine.

4.5 / 5
A burst of life and goodness.
Present but not the main event
High tone drives the flavour and extends the palate
Goes with: 
You just can’t beat The Holy Trinity of Italian food: tomatoes, garlic and olives, but, if you throw in some ricotta, cavolo nero and basil you have a reason to make Strangolapreti with Nap sauce. Lip smacking!
now until 2031
Listen to: 
And she Was by Talking Heads on Little Creatures


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